When we encounter problems in day to day life(or may be at our office), we start looking for the quick and right solution for that. Most of times we find right solutions, we were looking for. But some times we spend hours/ days, but no luck! We work hard to find the solution, untill we come-up with a solution; And as time goes on for trying and finding solution, our stress keeps increasing. Because of that stress, we start spending most of the time worrying about the problem. We did not even realize when that thinking got moved to worrying; And this is the point, which start decreasing our efficieny to finding the solutions.

Worrying is basically misuse of thinking.

I am not saying we should not think about the problem. If a problem can be solved, then you dont have to worry about; Just think positively in right direction. There is a very thin line between thinking and worrying. Thinking is always good, but not worrying. Why?

  • Thinking leads us to new ideas and at new energy level; Worrying causes stress and decreases our energy level.
  • While worrying, some times we start looking at the negative aspects, which never helps in finding the solution in any way. I know a person(i work with), he always trys to find a positive aspect in any situation, even in worse situations. And i really admire his attitude, try to learn more from him.
  • If its a office related problems. Then Worrying will also spoil your family time. As you will keep worrying about that, even if you are not at office.
  • Some times worrying about a problem also leads us to miss obivious solutions, even if its moving infront of us!

But, why laugh like hell?!?
Well, laughing is a good way to fill ourselves with energy; And no one can deny this. :)
To struggle with problems and finding solutions we need enregy and laughing can provide us that without any cost.
People also say some common benefits we get by laughing like:

  • Laughter relaxes the whole body and recharge.
  • Laughter boosts the immune system.
  • Laughter protects the heart.

Other than above you can find countless reasons for laughing :)

Worrying is not going to help in anyway, except blocking your thinking process. So, why to worry!!! Keep thinking with a smile on face!

Worrying will not take away problems, it will just take away today's peace!

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